Swift Dark Substratum Theme v24.4 PATCHED APK

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A Swift Dark Substratum Theme

Swift Dark Substratum Theme

Turn the UI dark on stock rooted ROMs with this complete dark theme for the Substratum theme engine. It fully supports Android 6, 7.0 and 7.1 / Google Pixel / OxygenOS 4 / LineageOS / OMS + it works without TBO Theme ready gapps! Please read the description below before using the theme.

Important information

• Installing / updating theme: The theme is stable to use on all ROMs with support for Substratum. The Substratum app on legacy devices is not yet perfectly stable though, and if you run in to problems when installing or updating the theme please try to fix this by clearing Substratum app cache and reinstall both the Substratum app and the theme, followed by a reboot. Don’t forget to grant all prompted permissions when opening the Substratum app the first time. If it’s still not fixed please contact me by email or Telegram for personal assistance. Any issue related to installation or updating is a Substratum app legacy issue, and not a theme issue, so I would appreciate if you don’t tell me about it in the review system but instead reach out to me personally.

• Easy fix for app issues: If an app stops working as it should after you update it from the Play Store, please reapply the overlay + reboot

• Notice for 7.1.1 users: The Substratum app will display a warning message about using themes on a 7.1.1 device. You can ignore this warning when using this theme as it have full support for this version.

Themed apps

• AOSP Browser
• AOSP Calendar
• AOSP Keyboard
• Calculator
• Chrome
• Chrome Beta
• Chrome Dev
• Contacts
• Dialer
• Documents/Downloads
• Dropbox
• Email (AOSP Email)
• ES File Explorer
• Facebook
• Facebook Messenger
• Gmail
• Google Allo
• Google Assistant
• Google Authenticator
• Google Calendar
• Google Dialer
• Google Docs
• Google Drive
• Google Home
• Google Keyboard
• Google Maps
• Google Messenger
• Google Music
• Google Now
• Google Plus
• GroupMe
• Hangouts
• Inbox
• Instagram
• JuiceSSH
• Keep
• Nova Launcher
• Omni
• Pushbullet
• Root Explorer
• Settings
• Skype
• Slack
• SuperSU
• System UI
• Tumblr
• Viber
• WhatsApp
• XDA Labs
• YouTube
…and more


Reboot after applying, and If you use rootless Oreo and March security patch or higher you need to follow the instructions in the dialog that shows when you open the theme in Substratum.


  • Swift Dark Substratum Theme Screenshot
  • Swift Dark Substratum Theme Screenshot


Swift Dark Substratum Theme v24.4 PATCHED APK / Mirror – Pie 

Swift Dark Substratum Theme v24.4 PATCHED APK / Mirror– Oreo

Older Version

Swift Dark Substratum Theme v24.3 PATCHED APK / Mirror

Swift Dark Substratum Theme v24.2 PATCHED APK / Mirror – Pie 

Swift Dark Substratum Theme v24.2 PATCHED APK / Mirror– Oreo

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  1. NANI

    Latest patched apks doesn’t have Oreo version.. Just Pie & Nougat… Please include Oreo version of latest Swift Dark Substratum theme


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