Screen off via short timeout v2.3.1 [Paid] APK [Latest]

Screen off via short timeout

Screen off via short timeout

This app temporarily sets an ultra short screen timeout to make screen turn off without explicitly locking the device. The lock screen will activate according to your device settings. This technique does not interfere with Smart Lock, Fingerprint or other biometric unlock methods.


► Fingerprint or iris scan stays operational no fall back to pin / password (Samsung S6, S7, Note 5, Note 7)
► Does not affect Smart Lock
► No Device administrator setting = Trouble free uninstall
► Also works with always-on / edge display
► No root needed
► It’s not just a black screen → Screen turns off or always-on-display kicks in
► No ads
► No unnecessary other functions: small file size, small pric
Many other screen-off apps also lock your device. The next time you try to unlock the device you will get this or a similar message: “Draw pattern instead of using Fingerprint recognition because of security policy”. My app is a workaround, because it does not lock your device directly.
► Set screen timeout (0-10sec, or minimum allowed on your device)
► Select screen off transition effect
► Two launcher icon variants → please watch
► Show or hide reminder text
► Spare your power button
► Turn off your screen using an icon on your home screen
► Call it from other apps (e.g. Tasker, IFTTT etc)
► Assign it to gestures (e.g. swipe/double tap in Apex, Nova Launcher etc)
► Add it to your notifications using AppDialer or similar apps
► Call it via voice command (Google Now or S Voice etc.)
► Let me know if you find other uses
If the screen doesn’t stay off and comes back on after a few seconds, please adjust the Timeout value. On the Nexus 6P a setting of about 7 seconds is reported to work well (70% along the seekbar).
Please email me if you have any questions or problems with the app. I respond very quickly. Since there is no trial version I give unconditional refunds within a week of purchase.

What’s New

Thank you for all the feedback!

► new permission “REORDER_TASKS” for new option to disable “Recents” button
► fixed BACK button problem
► new adaptive icons
► alternative app name for Assistant launch
► default timeout [Samsungs=1.5sec, Pixel/Nexus=7.3sec]
► you are still welcome to fine tune
► date, week#, battery level
► option to cancel
► new options
► Nougat Tile support

You can email me at [email protected]


  • Screen off via short timeout Screenshot
  • Screen off via short timeout Screenshot


Screen off via short timeout v2.3.1 [Paid] APK / Mirror

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